The start of all

Journey taken for pregnancy

Mon, 24th nov 2014
Meet with Dr Clara Ong consultant was prof chew. prescribed me with norethisterone for 3 weeks. This pill is to stop my menses from coming. Started to take 2 pills in the evening. Was still having spotting but stopped the next day probably due to the medication.

Sat, 29th nov 2014
Semen analysis sent to NUH @ 8am. TH did from home at about 7.30am

Fri, 12th dec 2014
Decided to stop taking norethisterone in the evening (last 2 pills taken in the evening). Still has 12pills left (good for 3 days). Reason stopped is doc informed menses will come ~3days after stop medication. I have to do blood test on the 2nd heavy day. If 2nd day comes during wkend, have to wait for next cycle. Therefore decided to stop medication on fri so that menses will come during wkdays (fingers crossed).

Sun, 14th Dec 2014
Spotting in the afternoon (pinkish blood).
Heavy menses in the evening onwards. To call NUH Monday morning to make appointment for blood test.

Mon, 15th Dec 2014
Heavy menses till cramp so bad. Went to clinic G to have my blood test. Just walked in, pay $$ then take the blood. Within half hour out of the hospital.
Took ponston cuz cramp was bad.

Mon, 5th Jan 2015
Appt at clinic G at 10:05am. Reached at 9.30am. Name was called out at 10.30am. Same dr Clara but this time round the consultant was dr arun.
Tests was all ok for the wifey. Only difference is didn’t do the HSG tests as dr said no point since we’ve decided on IVF.
Husband’s test were more positive this time round. More sperm count than before 4% but still below the avg.
husband went for HIV blood test while wife went for hormone blood test.

Both got to take blood today

Both got to take blood today

dr schedule for a glucose test for the wife. Initially doc suggested husband to go for another round of sperm test but after consulting  with dr arun, cancelled it since we have opted to go for ivf.  Meanwhile, I’ll need to go for OGTT test to check for diabetes.
The nurse called CHR to get us started on IVF. We had to go thru “consoling” before we embarked on this journey. Told them we were only ready after April due to our Japan trip. The counseling was basically telling us what to expect/do during the journey. Nurse Karen from CHR who “consoled” us set an appt for us to meet with prof chew who will give us the green light for IVF.
Meanwhile dr carol prescribed the husband with vitamins to build up his soldiers.
**update: my right arm was badly bruise due to the blood test!!



12th Jan 2015
Went for the OGTT. I had to fast from midnight onwards. TH took the day off to accompany me. We took a cab down. One of the scariest experience in a cab! The driver missed the NUH exit & when we told him that, instead of just using the next exit, he stopped in the middle of the expressway!! I think he wanted to reverse his car!!  Thank god there were no cars behind us!! It being the peak hour & all!! I had to shout at the driver to keep moving. Can’t stop thanking God for watching over the hubster & me.
Reached the clinic at 8.15am & register. Never been to clinic G at this hour. It was soo peaceful! Haha. A staff nurse took my blood at 8.30am. She gave me a cold glucose (orange flavor) to drink after taking my blood sample. She said it’ll help me better if I drank a cold one. Told me not to vomit out else I’ll need to retake the blood test again. The drink was sweet but my taste bud could drink it, no problem.
We went to bk for the hubster to have breakfast while waiting for the next blood test at 1030am.
Went back to clinic G to give them my blood sample. The nurse saw my armed bruise & asked me what happen. Haha!The nurse gave me a time chit until 11am. Wohoo~~~ I would receive a call from them 2~3 days if my test is positive.

No bruise this time. But looks like some blood has clot.

No bruise this time. But looks like some blood has clot.

15th Jan 2015
Busy busy busy day today!! Was dragged to a meeting for Anis’ business trip. Received a call from NUH while in the meeting. I was like oh no!! I’m diabetic??? The nurse was trying to inform me about my test results but as I was in a meeting & I don’t want the news to affect my work (like real!!) I told the nurse to call me in half hr. But she managed to inform me that my before glucose was ok. It’s the after the sweet drink that’s not ok. Haiz.
Half an hour later, the nurse called again but I couldn’t pick up the call. Told DH to call back on my behalf instead. hahah!
Stayed until 6pm today was really really busy. So DH only managed to update me after work. He said I was borderline diabetic. Darn!! clinic G (dr Clara ong) gave me a referral letter to the polyclinic. Will need to collect the letter when I see prof Wong on the 20th jan!

20th jan 2015

Appointment with Prof Wong was at 9am. We reached NUH at 8.15. Went to Clinic G to collect my referral letter & off to breakfast.
Our first time at Emerald clinic (private women clinic). Reaction was like wow! So much different from Clinic G. Looks more expensive. LOL! Talked to prof Wong for about 5mins & that’s it. He agreed that we Shd go for IVF as I only have one tube & DH’s sperm count & morphology is low. But as I have slight diabetes, he too wants me to go to the polyclinic Asap. Since we requested to start IVF in April after the Japan trip, I’ll still have time to bring down my glucose level. He referred me back to the CHR clinic for all the paperwork to be done.
Went up, nurse jilian again explain to us about ivf & what to expect & the costs. Initially wanted to start with the tablet (norestherone) in March so that when we come back from Japan can start with the jabs.  But because my menses is not here yet for jan (almost a week late), she can’t judge or calculate when I shd start on the tablet exactly. So I’m to monitor my menses these 2 mths & to update her accordingly. Sigh.. What’s wrong with my menses now? Am I pregnant or my menses just don’t want to show up? So irritating!
March 6 (2pm) I’ll have to come to CHR again to do all the paperworks needed to be done for the IVF.
Feb 28 to attend a talk by the head of the IVF in NUH.

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