A brief update

Wow! My last update to this blog was 3 years ago! It goes to show how rajin I am in blogging. Will try to be more proactive this time round then!

A lot has happened in the 3 years. No baby dusts though. Still ttc after all these years. Frustrating much you know! But if this is God’s will, we got to accept it with an open heart.

Firstly, DH & I have changed our job. DH changed his twice in fact ( a transfer is still considered as changing job right? LOL) It is by chance that both of us are working under the same company again. Amazing isn’t it?? & with the transfer, we are now working under the same roof AGAIN!! LOL! Its funny who nature works but i guess the fate for us to be working together is very strong! But of course we are in a different department.

Ok back to topic. Initially we thought, after changing to a better working environment with less stress for the both of us, it’ll be easier for us to have a baby! Sadly, that’s just our fantasy. Therefore, both of us decided to start all over again. But this time round, we decided to change to another hospital, NUH. Reason being we have a few friends doing their IVF there & alhamdullilah, all are a success with one already popped the oven, & another soon.

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